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Welding is an integral production method in the manufacturing of millions of metal products and assemblies worldwide. Although not always visible, most metallic products will have undergone some form of welding process in order to be produced.

Welding is a safety critical process whilst also having a considerable impact on both a product’s costs and quality. At LG RWC we can act as your responsible welding coordinator, end point assessment organisation (EPAO) and as a contracted welding surveyor/inspector.

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End point assessment

There are currently two types of apprenticeships available, the new apprenticeship standard and the existing apprenticeship framework. Apprenticeship frameworks are work-related vocational and/or professional qualifications with ongoing or continuous assessments. In 2012, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills deemed the frameworks to be unfit for industry employers. The government plans for the apprentice reform to gradually phase out framework apprentices, with the aim of a complete phase out of frameworks by 2020.

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Apprenticeships have evolved.

Standard based apprentices must undergo an independent assessment at the end of their training to confirm that they have achieved occupational competence.

This is the ‘End point Assessment’.

Who conducts the End Point Assessment?

Only an approved End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) can conduct the EPA. The EPAO must undergo thorough checks to gain approval to become an EPAO from the Education & Skills Funding Association (ESFA). LG RWC Ltd have been approved by the ESFA to deliver End Point Assessments.

How the Assessment works.

The end point assessment organisation uses the following methods to ensure that the knowledge, skills and behaviours mapped out in the standards are met:

-Work Observations

-Practical Demonstrations

-Project / Presentation demonstrations

– Discussions / Interviews

LG RWC aim to eliminate the need for multiple EPAO’s for engineering disciplines and offer EPA for

  • General Welder, Arc processes (ST0349) – Level 2

  • Pipe Welder, (ST0851) – Level 3

  • Plate Welder (ST0852) – level 3

  • Metal Fabricator (ST0607) – Level 3

  • Structural Steelwork Fabricator (ST0099) – Level 2

  • Engineering Construction Pipefitter (ST0162) – Level 3

  • Engineering Operative (ST0537) – Level 2

  • Engineering Fitter (ST0432) – Level 3

The end point assessment development team have been selected due to their extensive experience in teaching and assessment in many engineering disciplines. With over 100 years of collective experience the employer and training provider can be confident that the requirements of the apprenticeship standards are interpreted correctly.

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